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♦ TOYOTA / LEXUS Chip Keys


Toyota and Lexus use essentially the same type of immobilizer systems on most of their cars. The following models are equipped with transponder based security systems; however, some of the Toyota models listed do not use transponders on 4 cylinder vehicles.
  • 1999+ 4-Runner
  • 1998+ Avalon (optional)
  • 1998+ Camry ('98-'06 optional)
  • 2005+ Corolla
  • 2008+ FJ Cruiser
  • 2001+ Highlander ('01-'07 optional)
  • 1998+ Landcruiser
  • 2005+ Matrix
  • 2000-'05 MR2 Spyder
  • 2001+ Prius
  • 2003+ RAV 4 ('03-05 optional)
  • 2001+ Sequoia
  • 1998+ Sienna Van ('98-'03 optional)
  • 1999+ Solera ('99-'06 optional)
  • 2001+ Sequoia
  • 2005+ Tacoma ('05-'06 optional)
  • 2007+ Tundra (optional)
  • 2009+ Venza
  • 2007+ Yaris (optional)
  •       LEXUS
  • 1997+ LS400
  • 1998+ All Models
    The first generation Toyota and Lexus vehicles may have duplicate keys programmed using a simple on-board procedure. Later vehicles need to be connected to diagnostic equipment. The transition to the newer system depends on model and year.

    The Toyota / Lexus Dilemma ----

    The first years of transponder based Toyota and Lexus cars had no provision for adding keys when all keys are lost, or even if the owner had only a valet key.

    To add additional keys requires an existing programmed master key. If no master key is available, the factory service procedure is to replace the main computer (or immobilizer module) at a cost of around $2,000.00. This design proved senseless, and even got some bad press on the national level. The negative publicity regarding the key problem eventually led them to institute a program of free computer replacement (except labor charges) if this situation occurs, but the program only applies to certain owners.

    Keys are lost to cars every day, and necessity led to development of methods to assist vehicle owners when this situation occurs. Specialized technology now allows certain locksmiths to remove the main computer, "reflash" the chip which stores key data, and program new keys to the car. We were the first locksmith in Kansas City to acquire this technology. We now have the most sophisticated equipment available for this process.

    The vehicles which need to be reflashed when no keys or only a valet key is present are listed below. Later vehicles may have the immobilizer reset using diagnostic equipment.

  • '98 -00 4Runner
  • '98-04 Avalon
  • '98-00 Camry
  • '01-03 Highlander 6-Cyl. only
  • '98-00 Landcruiser
  • '00 MR2 spyder
  • '03-07 Sequoia
  • '98-00 Sienna
  • '99-00 Solara
  • '98-00 ES 300
  • '98-00 GS 400
  • '97-00 LS 400
  • '99-00 LX 470
  • '99-03 RX 300
  • '98-00 SC 300
  • '98-00 SC 400
  • '01-04 IS 300
  • There has been an evolution in the types of transponders for the Lexus and Toyota vehicles, with the later being more expensive. Many later vehicles use a proximity fob as the credential used to enter and start the vehicle.

    All Toyota and Lexus keys can be programmed with a simple on-board procedure up to 2002 if an existing master key is present. In 2003, many began to use a programming procedure which requires diagnostic equipment.

    Cloning the chip to a replacement key with a special transponder is an alternate method to diagnostic programming, but this is generally not the best option, and cannot be done with the technology on later vehicles.

    We are able to program virtually all Toyota and Lexus chip keys.


    A BIG problem with the three-button remote head transmitter Lexus keys is breakage. These keys are typically about $250.00 from the dealer. Thankfully replacement key shells are now available which eliminates the need to purchase a complete new key from the dealer. However, there are obviously many manufacturers for these shells, which most likely all come from the Far East. Beware of the $5.00 great value on the internet which can be inferior quality. We have these shells and cut them every week.

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